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We recognize the value of privacy and openness when it comes to the usage of cookies at CricketX site. With the help of this Cookie Policy, we want to make sure you are fully informed about the cookies we use and how they are used on our website.

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Our Application of Cookies

Cricket-X makes use of cookies to customize services and improve user experience on our platform. When a person accesses our website or uses our mobile application, cookies, which are little text files, are placed on their device. These cookies enable us to compile data on user preferences, browsing patterns, and platform use. By gathering this information, we can better understand our customers’ unique requirements and personalize our services to match them.

Cricket-X uses a variety of cookies for different functions. They allow us to remember user choices so that users don’t have to continuously adjust things like language settings and display options. Additionally, cookies assist us in gathering demographic data, tracking user navigation habits, and traffic analysis for our websites. We can improve our platform’s functionality and speed by using this data to better understand how it is being utilized. It’s crucial to remember that unless the user willingly provides it, cookies do not hold personally identifying information. Through their browser settings, users may block or erase cookies, although doing so may restrict certain features and functionality of the Cricket-X platform. Users agree to the usage of cookies as set out in our Cookie Policy by continuing to use our site.

Categories of Cookies We Use

Cricket-X makes use of a variety of cookie types to improve our platform’s usability and user experience. These cookies may be divided into three groups: cookies that are necessary, cookies that improve performance, and cookies that are targeted.

Cookies that are essential to the operation of our site must be used. They provide users access to key functions including secure login, account management, and shopping cart functionality as well as the ability to traverse the website. These cookies are necessary for Cricket-X to function properly and do not collect any personal data.

Performance cookies enable us to gather data about user behavior on our platform. They monitor user activity including the sites viewed, the amount of time spent on each page, and any problems made. This information enables us to better user experience by speeding up and functionally improving our platform. Performance cookies are anonymous and don’t let you know who you are personally.

Personalized information and adverts are delivered via targeting cookies depending on the user’s choices and interests. These cookies monitor user behavior across several websites, allowing us to provide relevant offers and adverts that are catered to the user’s preferences. By using targeting cookies, we can provide users a better tailored experience and make sure that the ads they see are relevant to their interests. Users may, however, choose not to receive targeted advertising by changing their browser’s cookie choices.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Your selections for cookies are yours to manage and control. To reject or erase cookies, change your browser’s settings. Please keep in mind, however, that disabling or deleting cookies can affect how our website works and restrict some of its features.

Most web browsers include options that let you control cookies. These options are often located in your browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu. You may look in your browser’s help menu for further details on how to manage cookies.

You agree to the usage of cookies as outlined in this Cookie Policy by using Cricket-X. To be informed about how we use cookies, we advise you to occasionally check this policy as we may amend it.

Please be aware that despite our best efforts to provide accurate and updated information, our Cookie Policy may not accurately represent the most recent regulatory requirements or guidelines.


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